A loosely-organized jumble of things I like, things in which I am interested, things in which I feel others might be interested, things I’ve found on the Internet, and slides for talks I’ve given.

Slides from talks

» Some modest advice about open-source software development: Slides prepared for a January 27, 2017, workshop organized by WHOI’s Ocean Informatics initiative. Includes some advice on development of R packages for submission to Bioconductor, based on lessons learned from development of the LOBSTAHS package. Final few slides contain links to some Internet resources that cover package documentation and best practices for open-source software development. I’ve also posted slides from a newer version of this talk, which contain results of a brief survey on open-source development practices among postdocs & grad students at UW’s eScience Institute.  

Truly miscellaneous

» Communicating Under a Cold Sun: Blog I maintained during my two seasons at Palmer Station in Antarctica.
» The Lightsuit Segment from AFTERGLOW
» Fishing reports for Cape Cod and environs: On the Water | Salty Cape
» Follow me on Strava
» Evidence of a very unique nature that I’ve been making web pages for a long, long time. Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine doesn’t go back far enough to document the TapirNet’s birth in 1994.
» A short PBS film from 2010 in which I was featured (icebreaking on the Hudson River)
» Some miscellaneous videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube
» Business news articles I wrote in 2003 as a reporting intern for the Boston Globe
» A brief profile of my namesake (he was into science, it turns out)